Playing with your newborn can be intimidating. A floppy head, shaky legs, and minimum motor skills can leave you feeling like you are boring your baby to pieces. Over the past few months with Brody, we've discovered fun ways to learn and play. Below are some of our favorites. 


1.Read Board Books

Reading board books is fun for little ones of all ages. There are quite a few board books that integrate different materials teaching your baby new feels. We love the Usborne touchy feely books.

2.Baby Flying 

Once your little one has gained head control, try flying with them. Support their lower body with your feet and get ready for lots of giggles. Bonus points for fun airplane noises!

3.Baby Massage

Massaging your baby is a great way to bond, calm and help with minor health issues. Baby Wellness Expert, Megan Garcia, has a great free guide on her site to teach you the basics!

4.Tissue Paper Kicking

Newborns love new sounds, particularly crinkly sounds. Laying a piece of tissue paper under you baby in the crib is a fun way for them to explore the crinkly sound as they move around.

5. Mylar Balloon Kick

Loosely tie a mylar helium balloon to one of your little one's ankles. As they kick their feet, they will have fun watching the balloon move with each kick. The silver balloons work exceptionally well because they reflect a lot of light. This is a great activity to help with coordination and teaching your baby about cause and effect. 

6. Tippy Toe Dancing

Babies love to be on their legs. By supporting your baby under the armpits, they can play on their tippy toes and gain leg strength.

7. Mirror Talking

Holding your little one in front of a mirror is a great activity to help your baby discover new faces and expressions.

8. Bubble Blowing

As your baby begins to focus, they will have fun watching bubbles float in front of them. Keep a container of bubbles on hand for fun outside!

9. Squats with Baby

The up and down movement of squats is fun for the baby and an easy way to get in a little postpartum exercise for mom. Try different squats while holding the baby--wide squats, narrow squats, plié squats etc.

10. Flashlight Play

Shining a flashlight on the ceiling in a dark room can be an enjoyable activity for your little one. 

11. Kicking in a Pan of Water

Filling a small pan with water and letting your baby's feet explore the wet sensation as they lay on their back is an easy way to entertain!

12. Leg Bicycles 

Babies love to move their legs. Making a bicycle motion on their legs is a fun way to play, and also a great way to help relieve gas!

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