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Cat Magic Organ Scratcher Board Round Toy

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Product Description: Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board

Material: Corrugated Honeycomb Paper
Package Sizes Available:
- 125 x 105 x 85 mm
- 125 x 105 x 170 mm
- 125 x 105 x 255 mm
- 125 x 105 x 340 mm

Why does your beloved feline friend need a Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board? Cats have an innate desire to scratch, and without a suitable outlet, they might turn to your furniture. The Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board is the perfect solution to this common problem. It gives a designated place for your cat to scratch, promoting healthy nail growth, muscle tone, and stress relief—all without sacrificing your cherished furnishings.

Unique Design: The Magic Organ Cat Scratcher Toy features a playful and versatile design that cats of all ages will adore. Its shape encourages stretching and play, making it irresistible to your feline companion. It serves a dual purpose by providing a satisfying scratching surface and an engaging play area. Fold it into a bone shape, create a cozy crib for cat naps, or let your cat scratch to their heart`s content.

Eco-Friendly and Recyclable: Our Cat Scratch Board is constructed from eco-friendly corrugated paper and non-toxic cornstarch glue. The neutral designs mimic the appearance of tree bark, blending seamlessly into your home decor. The innovative honeycomb density design ensures durability without harming your cat`s claws. This corrugated scratcher is 50% more long-lasting compared to standard options, providing a lasting and eco-conscious solution.

Product Information:
- Material: Corrugated Honeycomb Paper
- Style: Fashion and Simplicity
- Features: Wear-Resistant
- Color: Natural Woodgrain

Treat your cat to the Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board and enjoy a furniture-saving, health-promoting, and eco-friendly solution to their natural instincts. Make your home a happy and comfortable space for both you and your furry friend.

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